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Not slept at all tonight with worry x

Been up all night with my son he got sent home from work as they dont know whats wrong with him he has 3 attacks blured vision trembling headache being sick jelly legs pains in his arm he feels he cant take anymore feeling like this the only place he keeps saying were hes safe is in his bed its terrible that this is affecting his job he said they not understanding him and he doesn't get it himself too x

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Hi there:)

Have you called your gp?

If not I would speak to him/her and get some advice. I would also speak to his work and see what agreement you can come to.

One thing is for sure, you both need help and can't carry on like this. If your son can't bear to go ask the gp if you can have a home visit.

I hope that helps, let us know how things go:)



Sorry your son is feeling worse

I can relate to how he feels when he says the only place he feels safe is in his own bed , when my anxiety was at its worse I used to feel that way to but as Yummi says you both need help as you cant carry on like this

Speak to your GP , if the one you see isn't very helpful , look at seeing another one in the same surgery , but I would book an appointment as soon as you can , hopefully your son will agree to come with you if not then you could go without him & explain

Sounds like he has anxiety & there is help out there , I hope you can persuade him to accept it

Let us no how you go on





Thankyou both for your advice I am definitely going to the doctors first thing mon I have had a word with his boss he got the night off work we have had a lovely chat today and spoke about lots the only problem is now he cant get over why him and on edge waiting when the next attack is coming he seems a bit brighter tonight hope he gets through the rest of the night without another attack x



I am glad he feels a bit better today & please let us no how you get on at the doctors

Would he not consider been a member on this site , people would try & give him so much support & he would see that even though we don't have the answer why me that he isn't alone & it does get better :-)



Your welcome, glad you were able to sort something with work. Good luck with doctors:)

Hugs xxx


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