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" pieces of good news this week.

Yesterday I went to an appointment at my local hospital for a pre-op check up before I have a rectocyle operated on, & I won`t need a general anastheatic, just a local, & some sedation. I`ll have to stay in overnight because I won`t have anyone to keep an eye on me after the sedative, but that doesn`t worry me. This morning I asked at my doctor`s surgery about the results of my cholesterol test, & was told that it`s down to 4.5 from over 6.1 last time. It seems that using coconut oil in my cooking has worked. I`m so relieved that I shan`t have to take statins after all, by the looks of that result.

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Morning Fairy.

Good luck with your op I hope it goes well for you, glad to hear your cholesterol has gone down I do take statins as I have a heart condition but my cholesterol is only 3.4 and everything is under control.

Take care Kenny xx



It's time you had some good news , really pleased for you :-)

Well done getting your cholesterol down naturally I am trying to do the same as I don't want to take statins not sure I will be as successful but really pleased you have succeeded in doing so :-)





well done getting your cholesterol down naturally ( never heard of coconut oil ) for cooking, do you fry with it ? use the plant sterol drinks + with the same margarine , has brought mine down a lot as well, am sure your op will go well, take care xxx



That's great news

It's a relief not to have general anaesthetic as it takes some recovering from and excellent news with the cholesterol levels

Good luck with your op

Love eve x


Hi Hairy x Well done on the cholesterol and good luck for the op x A night in hosp not so bad x nice warm bed and some (sometimes) nice food x Even a few people to chat to x Hope all goes well xx Donver


Thanks, most people hate being in hospital, but I think that it`ll be a nice change from a cold flat. Food, heating, & light that I won`t have to keep feeding a greedy meter to have.


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