Are we all doing to much because of Xmas I think I have a good idea to give us a better stress free Xmas hint number 1 please add ideas

Don't make mince pies the best ones I've tasted so far are Morrisons deep filled Xmas pies

They are lovely tasted asdas Aldi Tescos as well and they are lovely not tried sainsburys tho

Still want to make my own pâté' tho

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  • Hi Stu

    I do lovely mince pies , its my Mum's pastry recipe & nothing can beat them even if I say so myself ,also they remind me of my Mum so I shall be making my own :-)

    Don't have any ideas what to suggest to make it stress free but looking forward to reading other peoples :-)




  • Hi Stu,

    I would say stay in your pj's on Christmas day, and eat and drink what you want. Oh yes and get out for a walk what ever the weather.

    Gardener x

  • Do we change out of our pj's for the walk in what ever the weather or go in them :-D


  • lol lol :)

  • Yeah I like the idea of a walk, could do that...However I'm the Christmas fairy and will just be happy if there is someone else who will wash up ;) Merry Christmas!

    sam xx

  • Look what I get when I try and be helpfull lol I for one do not ware PJs so I better put clothes on before going for that walk on Christmas day or there will be red cheeks lol more like blue

  • :-D


  • Hi

    i'm going to write myself a list of what I need to do before christmas, so then hopefully it will all run smoothly on the day!

    I love making things for christmas so have made my chutneys, baked my christmas cake, made my cards and door swag so far. Still got the mince pies, shortbread, truffles, cake to ice and table decoration to make.

    Was going to make it easier on myself this year and just buy everything but it wouldn't be the same, plus I enjoy making everything with my mum.

    Jules x

  • Oh Jules

    That all sounds lovely , how clever are you !

    Don't forget we like picture time on here if you ever want to show us :-)


  • Hi whywhy

    will have to see if I can figure out how to upload some images!

    Jules x

  • My advice is try to avoid the hype. This is easier said than done especially if you have children. on the day try and ensure that everyone does a bit of the work and to try and encorporate something for everyone. but if it's all gets too much then you should be able to have a get out clause. this may need some discussion first.

    Just some thoughts


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