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Bad anxiety

I am new here and just wanted to post because I am experiencing the worst anxiety ever it just doesn't stop I think it stems from loneliness and fear of being alone forever. I told my dad and he actually yelled at me as he feels I should be able to control it. But I can't. It's not the sort of thing you get much sympathy for is it. I tried Valium but it doesn't seem to work anymore. It just sounds like a whinge when you complain to anyone about anxiety but it is so awful.

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Hi & Welcome

Anxiety can affect us all in different ways but the feelings are the same

Been afraid of been on your own is something that many anxiety sufferers fear & the more we fear the more anxiety we feel & it is very difficult to control it but with the right support you can & been yelled at isn't going to help but people that don't suffer can struggle to understand but on here you will find everyone does & we don't yell or judge but support each other !

Have you asked your GP about counselling ?

Meds are not always the answer for everyone but counselling can help for a lot of people

It could be a good idea to speak to your GP again & tell them how you are still feeling & ask what else they can do to help other than meds

Keep talking on here as you will find some lovely people will reply to you with good advise & even if we don't always have any we are good at listening & do care :-)





Good advise I've just had an anxiety attack but to be honest you need to under stand what and why it's happening to you I almost new this was going to happen tonight and in a strange way I'm glad as now it has happened to me a gain no it's not nice but it only feels bad it can't hurt you or me I understand where you are tonight I hope you can breath threw this and get some sleep


I agree with all of the above and WELCOME. See your GP and they will be able to put some help in place I am sure. Anxiety is horrible to have to live with , very tiring and debilitating. Knocks your confidence and ability to deal with the world.So get some help.

No-one understands it really unless they have been there and I think we would all so willingly and thankfully 'snap out of it' if we could !!! Don't 'normal' people get that.... obviously not.

Keep coming on here , it is such a good place with lovely people who do understand exactly how you feel. Love Julie xx


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