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why do we internet check symptoms to make ourselves worse:/

HI all, my latest in my line of things i suffer from while having anxiety is heart probs, its a new thing the last week or two, it started with breast pain and then was obs turned into full on heart attack waiting to happen, today i've had a few pains in my left arm, not all the time just as and when, to be honest its probably repetitive strain off bein on my bloody phone to much or on me comp, my wrists are crackin away to, but nope I decided to google it, and now i wish i hadn't because every bloody entry was heart related so now i'm going to go to bed and worry the worst is happening :/ i should just ban myself from google lol x rant over Donver x

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Hello donver, the group are trying to achieve a no google ban. I think I have ALS even though quite a few doctors say I haven't. I go on the Internet ( the devil incarnate) and I have all the symptoms. Why should I listen to a GP and a neurologist who have trained for at least 5 years when I can go on the net and self diagnose. Of course I know more than them I am an expert. Sounds so silly when you look at it like that. You are not on your own we have all been guilty of doing it and suffering the consequences. Take care


Hi, there are a few of us on here that belong to the "google ban"and I'm one of them! We've all had a blip and looked on line for our symptoms, so I really wouldn't feel bad about it:)

It is your anxiety that is doing this so just sit in a quiet place and do some breathing exercises just to slow every thing down and get things into perspective.

I use to be really bad,7 months on, I'm alittle better, don't get me wrong, I do get the urge to look! But now I can stop myself:) Hope you feel alittle better today:) xx


ty yummimummy x hopefully i to can stop the urge to look x if i had to believe google over every little pain id of been long gone by now x i have had a book delivered today called at last a life ive been told to read so hopefully i can have a good day worrying about that instead lol x



I down loaded this same book last night. I am up to page 80.

I understand what he means about inviting fear in etc but dont

seem to be able to out in into practice. Will keep trying, as he says

will take time and patience.

Just wondered what you thought of book and interested if you

think it will help?

I have had bad health anxiety for many years and think its

probably too late for me to get over it all now, will keep trying though.

Good luck all fellow health anxiety people.



ty holly x i agree to a no google ban x its sometimes better not to know i guess :)


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