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Christmas Fairy

Christmas Fairy

Christmas Fairy

There is a fairy

upon my tree,

that little angel

is as old as me.

although she's a bit tatty,

her wings a bit frayed,

I won't part with her,

and on the tree she's stayed.

my mum and dad bought her,

in my first year,

and when I think of them,

she glows through each tear.

with all the baubles hung,

the tree brightly dressed,

the fairy lanterns shining,

"and now for the best"

Mum would fluff out her frock,

and straighten her wings,

fix up her halo,

with tinsel and things.

on the top of the tree,

with beauty & grace.

Dad would lift me

to put her in place.

year after year

we'd put her in place.

she'd stand there serenely,

with beautiful hair, angelic face.

and on 12th night,

at Christmas' end.

we'd wrap her up carefully,

my little friend.

now we're both older,

Mum & Dad sadly gone.

but looking at her now,

the memories linger on.

for memories are special gifts,

held in our hearts with care,

and when I place her on my tree,

I know that they are there.

I wish you Merry Christmas,

to your loved ones near,or apart.

may your day be happy and special;

like the memories held here in my heart.

sandra. written by me 24/12/12

(not the fairy in the pic)

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That was so moving , I didnt think you had written it till I saw written by Sandra , another one with a talent on here :-)

You did make me smile when you put " not the fairy in the pic " :-)





What a wonderful & moving poem Sandra.

I envy you your talent for putting feelings into words, wish I could do it.

Will keep a copy if I may



feel free :D


Very nice words. Xx


That was lovely,


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