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Well, phew, my fiance phoned doctors for me,as U wasnt dealing with it,which floors my anxiety,was dreading leaving house,was honest with her,doubled tablets,enrolled for chill out classes,got follie up apt thurs,sick line to cover me,so then phoned work,she was lovely,but honest,as i Didnt keep them n the no i have responsibility,a colleage Didnt pass on my call of being off sick! So therefore boss had to send me out a letter.if they Didnt hear from me they said they wld take me off books & assume i wasnt coming back. Thats the last thing i need then feeling is way. Now to spak to parents Tonight. Tell them Wots going. I cant keep Malibu excuses for doing things. Bn trying to put brave face on. Last thibg ur parents want is ti hear there daughters feeling like this. I just dont want them stressing as they have there own stresses, especially this time of year. I just want them to be proud. Nervous again now. We dont talk about real life feeling si much,more about Whats going ob un soaps with my mum xxxxcx

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Hi smudge

It seems your GP has been good today , well done going & letting them no how you feel , this can be really hard for us to do , but you did it & now you have started getting the help you need :-)

I can understand your fear of telling your parents , as of course we want them to be proud of us & can fear if we tell them how we are suffering they will be disappointed

As a mother myself even though I suffer with anxiety , I would want to no if any of mine were struggling as I would want to help the best I could , I am sure they might be more understanding than you think , they may even have picked up something is not right with you as Mums do & be relieved you have told them !

If you think you may struggle speaking to them you could always write it down & pass it your Mum & ask if she will read it & then you would like to talk to her when she has

I hope it all goes well & you let us no :-)





Hi Smudge

It is really difficult to explain anxiety and I remember when it first erupted for me my worries about being seen as extra abnormal, along with the other difficulties I was facing, it just seemed too much...yet when you start opening up about it you can feel so much better - you can never presume the reactions of other people, yes they wont fully understand but at least, especially parents, they will try...there is always us here as well - I wish I had this place the first time round ;)

good luck

sam xx


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