Hi everyone!! Do you think this is a reason to hit urgent care? Or health anxiety??

I was fine all day today except about an hour ago I needed a break from standing and flopped down on the bed on my stomach and raised my head using my elbows well I heard a clicking noise in my neck and then I started feeling my neck get all stiff and now it hurts and if I stretch my neck to the sides it cracks but it feels like something pops out of place then back in place. the doctor has told me my neck is super tense could this be it? and will it cause that misalignment popping and cracking? I am under aloy of stress? And I'm just feeling off.

Also I'm getting these sharp sudden pains every few minutes on my left of of collarbone close to the neck, my doctor said it was acid reflux, but my mind thinks stroke.

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  • Doesn't sound like a stroke. You would have had a weakness on one side. I have HA and your mind pays tricks. The signs of a stroke ate normally very obvious. Take care and try not go worry

  • I sometimes get those kinds of twinges in my neck, if I turn suddenly or twist my neck too far. I think it's just a slight strain. Usually they go off in a few minutes, otherwise an ibuprofen helps.

  • It does sound like classical stress aches and pains. Although people sometimes say anxiety is "all in the head" it's really not - most of it is in the body! Although we all have different symptom profiles (with me it's my stomach that is the centre all all my HA woes) stiff, aching and popping back and neck are really common anxiety symptoms.

  • Hi there i have suffered from panic attacks depression anxiety for the last 6 / 7 years . I take Citalopram now every day my doctor says chemicals in the brain sometimes need help to sort themselves out and if it gets me through the day i will keep taking it . All last year i went for one to one councelling to try get to the underlying problem. No one thing stood out except health issues , when you get to your 60s you think every little twinge is a heart attack coming on or every mole is a cancer etc...i bit my tongue and its sore but at the back of my mind its cancer. My councillor thinks i have health anxiety and when it gets to the point where i start worrying about something it spirals out of control and brings on the depression/panic HYPOC 007 seems to me to have the same problem worrying that every little niggle is a serious problem. I know its hard but sometimes its better to ignore these twinges and not dwell on them. My neck when i roll my head round sounds like its going to come off my body but i laugh and put it down to age if my shoulder hurts put it down to sleeping awkward or something youve done at work don't hit the panic button every time you have a twinge. A nurse once told me when you get up look in the mirror if you look ok and feel ok chances are you are ok

  • Thank you for your time on answering my question and it's nice to see that I am not the only one to think that every ache and pain is something serious. The thing with me I'm only 25 doctors don't really look into anything on me cause I'm young and I got health anxiety cause if this they once told me it was not possible for me to get cervical cancer cause of my age at the time I was 17 and I did. anything I have I jump to the worst conclusion right now it's left leg pain in the knee the whole night can't bend it makes my thigh and lower buttocks hurt. Everyday it's something new and everytime it's "I am dying I can not leave my babies without their mother". And I do as you say look in the mirror if I look fine feel fine for the most part it's cause there is nothing wrong all in my head.

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