Sanctioned, again!

Remember last week I said that I was expecting to be sanctioned for a silly mistake that I made at the jobcentre, well, I got a letter from the DWP this morning telling me that my JSA is to be stopped from 7/11/13, to 5/214! I was expecting to lose a weeks benefit, maybe a fortnights, but 3 months!!!!. I can`t believe that they could be that harsh. What the hell do they expect me to live on! I will appeal ,of course but I doubt if it`ll do any good. I`m really scared now, because I can see myself actually starving to death.


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  • Hi Hairyfairy - get on to the Citizen's Advice Bureau, they can probably help. You can also apply for a hardship payment - you can't actually starve to death! Also try your local councillor, they can be good - mine was brill for me once when i was having trouble with the JobCentre (though before the current war on claimants began :( ) If you're over 60 - as I get the impression you are - you could try Age UK as well!

    Hope this helps, and good luck!




  • Hi Fairy this is not good news. Why don't you go to your doctors on Monday, explain the situation, and see if they will give you a sick note? Then you can put a claim in for sickness benefit (ESA). The sanctions on your JSA claim won't affect this as it is a separate benefit. I am on JSA and that's what I would do. Good luck with it.

    Bev x

  • Iv`e an appointment with my new doctor on monday, & I`ll try to get a sick note if I can, but I don`t suffer from any health conditions apart from an underactive thyroid whitch is being treated. I know that i can get a hardship payment, but they make you pay it back at a rate which leaves you strapped for cash. I imagine the local food banks will be seeing a lot of me in the months to come!

  • Hi Hairyfairy, I am shocked by the duration of the sanction. Please do seek assistance from CAB, and go to your doctor too. You say you don't have any health conditions. Oh, I think anxiety is a health condition, and the stress of the jsa actions must have raised your anxiety levels to a new high! For me, I only need to walk into a JSA and my anxiety is through the roof! Good luck, and keep us informed :) Love & Hugs x

  • Thank you, just now a thhought ocurred to me, pretty drastic I know, but here goes. If I can`t get any help from my doctor or the CAB, then perhaps I should go & hide a bomb in the DWP`s headquarter, at least then I`d get housed & fed in prison, no bills to pay, & no benefit sanctions! unforuately I know nothing about explosives, I just wish someone would blow the place up.

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