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Sanctioned, again!

Remember last week I said that I was expecting to be sanctioned for a silly mistake that I made at the jobcentre, well, I got a letter from the DWP this morning telling me that my JSA is to be stopped from 7/11/13, to 5/214! I was expecting to lose a weeks benefit, maybe a fortnights, but 3 months!!!!. I can`t believe that they could be that harsh. What the hell do they expect me to live on! I will appeal ,of course but I doubt if it`ll do any good. I`m really scared now, because I can see myself actually starving to death.

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Hi Hairyfairy - get on to the Citizen's Advice Bureau, they can probably help. You can also apply for a hardship payment - you can't actually starve to death! Also try your local councillor, they can be good - mine was brill for me once when i was having trouble with the JobCentre (though before the current war on claimants began :( ) If you're over 60 - as I get the impression you are - you could try Age UK as well!

Hope this helps, and good luck!





Hi Fairy this is not good news. Why don't you go to your doctors on Monday, explain the situation, and see if they will give you a sick note? Then you can put a claim in for sickness benefit (ESA). The sanctions on your JSA claim won't affect this as it is a separate benefit. I am on JSA and that's what I would do. Good luck with it.

Bev x


Iv`e an appointment with my new doctor on monday, & I`ll try to get a sick note if I can, but I don`t suffer from any health conditions apart from an underactive thyroid whitch is being treated. I know that i can get a hardship payment, but they make you pay it back at a rate which leaves you strapped for cash. I imagine the local food banks will be seeing a lot of me in the months to come!


Hi Hairyfairy, I am shocked by the duration of the sanction. Please do seek assistance from CAB, and go to your doctor too. You say you don't have any health conditions. Oh, I think anxiety is a health condition, and the stress of the jsa actions must have raised your anxiety levels to a new high! For me, I only need to walk into a JSA and my anxiety is through the roof! Good luck, and keep us informed :) Love & Hugs x


Thank you, just now a thhought ocurred to me, pretty drastic I know, but here goes. If I can`t get any help from my doctor or the CAB, then perhaps I should go & hide a bomb in the DWP`s headquarter, at least then I`d get housed & fed in prison, no bills to pay, & no benefit sanctions! unforuately I know nothing about explosives, I just wish someone would blow the place up.


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