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Operation postponed, again!

I mentioned not long age that I was due to go into hospital for a minor operation, well, it`s been postponed twice now, first because of an emergency, & just as I was preparing some things to be admitted tomorrow morning, my phone rang, & it was admissions telling me that they hadn`t recieved the equipment that they need to do the procedure. Now I`m back to waiting to be told when I will be able to go in & get it over with. It`s so annoying!

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Hi Fairy,

Not as annoying to have your mobile ring and be asked why you hadn't turned up for your MRI.

I didn't even know that I was having one!!!

Cancellation eh. Fit you in when than can and it's your fault you can't make it

Take care



Hi Hairy, Sorry to hear this, it can be so frustrating when we have built ourselves up for something and panicked and worried only to be cancelled on at the last moment x Its a shame as more and more things are cancelled now x Hopefully it wont be to long. Donver x


Hi HF..Yes these delays can be vexing But they can't do what they need to without the machines that go PING. You're on a list.. and your name will come up to the top soon Hope it all goes well when you finally make it into the operating room steve

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Hi Fairy,meow annoying. Getting yourself all ready and prepared including anxiety. Then they let you down again. I hope it does get sorted soon for you.

Take care xx


Sounds familiar


Thanks for the support, There`s just one thing I would like to ask, has anyone here had expirience with midazolam, the sedative that Iv`e been told that they`ll give me before the procedure? I`m just a bit concerned about after effects & how I`ll feel afterwards.


Hi Fairy. I'm sorry I have had a few procedures but I never knew what sedative they give me.I am sure they will tell you everything you need to know if you ask them. I hope you get it done soon. Kennyxxx


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