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Stomach so upset

Well another 2 hours and I'm getting on the train to oxford,so keyed up and stomach so upset which worries me on a train full of strangers,but I'm getting on that train and when I get to oxford will look back thinking you silly sod getting all worked up,and for any trolls out there who want to post vile comments to us on here,we are a family and we will stick together,so I suggest you all sod off and enjoy your perfect life x

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I guess you're probably there by now...

Hope the journey went well. :)


Hi I'm about half way. Feel ok had a few dodgy feelings but switched my thoughts to good things x


Good so far then - where are you travelling from?


Sorry for very late reply had a few things to deal with so have been quiet.i travelled from Newcastle upon Tyne to oxford,pleased I'd did it but felt stupid feeling anxious in the first biggest challenge is now getting on a bus alone I have to have someone with me or my anxiety goes crazy. Hope your doing well xx


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