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As you all know I went to London last week to discuss HA. Went down the day before so I would know where I was going. Went to whitechapel and got completely lost. I start to panic and I get disorientated. Found my way back to the hotel and ended up getting a taxi there. It was near the Tower of London. Do any of you feel like this if you get lost and can't find your way around.

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Hi Holly.

London is a scary place at the best of times, even more so when you have anxiety. I hope your meeting went well and you were able to put your points well you'll have to post us the outcome.


Because I was fed up anyway and tired I really let them have it. They seemed impressed.


I often feel a really sense of panic when i don't know where I am going. I have to take deep breaths and try toclear my mind so I can think logically It's even worse when I am driving especially when O/H is in the car as he doesn't drive and so doesn't understand how far in advance you need to give instructions. I have recently bought a Sat Nav and that helps a bit but no idea how far 300 yards is so sometimes turn too soon or late which just makes me more anxious.

Well done you though going all the way to London and I'm glad you said it as it is.



As a long term HA sufferer myself I'm looking forward to hearing what came of your meeting Holly.

When you're up to it of course.


This is not a small achievement. London can be scary for a lot of people. I find that asking "strangers" for directions gets me chatting away to them which helps me focus on them.and not myself.

People can be very helpful, especially on this site, listening rambling on. Have a good night all xxx


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