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London trip

Thanks to everyone who showed interest in my recent trip to London. I was with the top psychiatrist for the uk and my CBT therapist. They did a video and asked me questions about my experience with GPs and other services. I told them about the site and spoke about all our frustrations. I was very frank and didn't hold back. They will use this help with the training of future doctors. Hope we see some improvements

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So do I well done!!


Well done and a big thank you. It people like you who moves things on with the doctors etc.

So a big thank you for talking about this site as well.


It's about time we were noticed and not treated with contempt

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Well done Holly...sounds really promising...things have inmproved a lot in the past 12/13 years but there is still a long way to go


Thanks for the feedback :)


Great stuff. Hope that it all works for the better of everyone. Julie xx


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