Does anybody know of self-help groups for GAD sufferers, meeting in the London area?

I have been recently diagnosed with GAD and have struggled to find support groups that deal specifically with the disorder. Most groups tend to focus on panic and social anxiety. Also, if you suffer from GAD and you want to discuss your experience, do get in touch. Indeed if you were interested in starting a self-help group in London let me know. Many thanks and best wishes of recovery to you all.


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  • Anxiety UK has a full list of self help groups across the country in the members area of our web site if you are a member or wanted to become a member


  • Thank you. I do appreciate your reply. I am a member. I joined the other day.

    I have checked the list and found nothing specifically designed for GAD sufferers. I have found members with GAD on your Pen-Pal booklet but I still have to find information about GAD self-help groups.

    I don't mean to be difficult about what type of disorder one has but in my lifetime I have dealt with panic attacks and succesfully so (I don't have panic attacks with GAD). I am experiencing some social isolation as a result of dealing with the symptoms of GAD but I am certainly not totally shy socially. I actually crave having friends but I want to find people who understand me too.

    To me GAD as a whole is a different kind of ballgame. The problem is that anxiety and anxiety disorders encompass such a wide variety of symptoms and degrees of severity that everyone talks about anxiety hoping that all disorders fall under the same umbrella. The fact is that they do not.

    The cluster of symptoms you experience with GAD can be excruciating and goes well beyond social phobia, social shyness or panic attacks. Therefore, I think that I would prefer to find something more specific to my problem and discuss it with people who understand that cluster better.

    By all means, if I have missed the information feel free to let me know. Many thanks

  • I, too, have been 'diagnosed' as a GAD sufferer. As with most psychiatric labellings it is pretty meaningless. We are what our medication tells those who look at us. Have you ever been prescribed pregablin for your difficulties? That one particular medication transformed my life (after 30 years of psychiatric treatment I might add). All of that talking therapy did very little for me. Those who administer it seem to me to be doing a job and very little else. All of the improvements I have made to my life I have done quite independently of any such things, with the aid of pregablin, that is. Ask your doctor although doctors never seem comfortable with being asked for medications they quite probably have little knowledge of.

  • Hi and thanks you for the reply. In my case, the labeling has helped to make me understand that all my physical symptoms are due to anxiety and not some other major health issues. I have a history of panic attacks but have always managed them well and actually don't have them now. It's when I started having headaches, severe intestinal aches, chest pains, tinnitus and muscle cramps that I started obsessing about causes. At least now mind is at peace. It is just anxiety.

    My diagnosis is recent so I am doing CBT at the moment. My psychiatrist is yet reluctant to give me anything due to my sensitivity to drugs. My GP tried to put me on antidepressants three times in the past (the default 'cure all' therapy for anxiety and panic attacks) but the anxiety sky rocketed to levels that I had to stop. And like you say lot of GP are incompetent when it comes to mental health, and with the budget cuts they cant' help much either.

    I am glad you have found something that works for you. I will bear pregabalin in mind when I speak to my psychiatrist. Thanks a lot. Hope you are having a good weekend.

  • Understand where you are coming from, will check and see if there is a GAD specific group in the London area for you


  • Many thanks. I really appreciate it

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