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offensive posts

If you read a post or a response that breaks the hu guidelines, please hit the report button.

if enough people do, hopefully hu will look into it.

if you copy the offending posts and the others in the same thread and message them to hu, it allows hu to review it properly; as when a member deletes a post they can't see it. Likewise, if you copy pm's they send you, message those to hu too.

we might not have admin yet, but we can help stop it.

please don't let recent events stop you using the site, seeking advice and supporting each other.

It's also important to welcome new people as we have always done, I always try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise - I'd rather be temporarily fooled by ten, than miss the real ones who need us.

I'll never forget the welcome I received when I joined.



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Thanks for that info Sandra. Will do should the occasion come up. xx


I think I must have missed the events you are referring to but thank you for your post Sandra.


Thanks Sandra :)

I love your parting line: 'rather get temporarily fooled by ten, than miss the real ones who need us'. Compelling.


wanderingwallflower xx


Very sensible advice,why should we let the offender win by leaving the site.


Wise words, my friend and as always a calm and measured response in these troubled times.

Together we will get through


I'm with you Sandra, have found the site invalyeable since I joined. Lets all pull together to welcome new members, support each other and evict the trolls.

Jules x


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