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offensive posts 2

please don't be wary of posting.

as well as hitting report, we can do something -

we can ignore these comments, just as you would an annoying gnat.

these people do not know you, anyone would do.

they are just trying to get a reaction, -

if you just treat them with the contempt they deserve, they will get fed up.

so post, ask questions, share laugh and support, and ignore nit-picking gnats :)


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Well said sandra :d

Bev x


My thoughts exactly. :D xx


As someone newly joined, the recent events have curtailed my posting an introduction - trust me my anxiety levels reached a new peak just contemplating this, as anyone joining could be perceived as a troll .....

Taking a deep breath (or as deep as I can), I shall jump in ........

Love & Hugs x


welcome initial, come on in, the water's been a little choppy but we're all here to support you!


Thank you for your encouragement :)

Love & Hugs x


Spot on I shall keep posting and helping others when I can.

Gardener x


There are a lot of people in the world who feel the need to get attention by putting others down with dismissive remarks & spiteful comments. The best thing to do is not to rise to the bait & ignore them, then they`ll move on & annoy someone else.


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