Hello everyone and thank you in advice for taking the time to read my post. I became a member here late 2015, I stopped logging in here due to a rough time I was going through which made me isolate myself and not want to speak to anyone. 2016 was a very hard year for me (not that is any easier now) which made my anxiety very bad. I find myself thinking all the time like my brain just runs and won't stop that makes me feel even more anxious which drives me insane. When I last was here I mentioned I felt like my anxiety was affecting my speech as I catch myself stuttering when I speak or mispronouncing words even trying to say something and my words get mixed and I end up making no sense which is embarrassing when I am speaking to someone or at work. I feel like I have to explain to people what's going on (which I don't) and if I don't I feel very uncomfortable as it bugs me to think they maybe thinking I'm not all the way there. I've been dealing with anxiety since I was 16 (28 now). Has anyone else encountered the thinking none stop along with the speech issue? Need advice please thank you!


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  • Hi sweetsunshine, It use to be like that for me. Our brain is going faster than we can process our thoughts and so our speech comes out garbled. What can help is not holding our breath when we are speaking. Talk slower and in shorter sentences. Allow others to interject their thoughts which will give you time to catch your breath and think of how you may respond. It's just about slowing down our mind, our body, our breathing. Try working on meditation and deep breathing when at home in order to calm down the nervous system. You certainly aren't alone in this.

  • Thank you so much for your advice. When I speak I feel like my words come out faster than I could hold is like they rush out and I just cant control them. Then I think to fix what's said and it just makes everything worse :(

  • I hear you sweetsunshine. I got to the point where blackness would overtake my mind and I'd feel like I might pass out. Through therapy I realized that I was talking so fast and holding my breath. The phone was my greatest enemy because I always felt trapped and didn't know how to end a conversation. It's about the nervousness we feel talking with others. I certainly wasn't shy. So it wasn't social anxiety, it was my anxiety period.

  • Yes I get very nervous specially because I know what's coming when I speak to others. I am not shy either I know is my anxiety like you say, I had many friends I kept in touch with. This makes me want to keep myself away from people and if I'm around not want to say much and I feel like some take it as I'm rude, but is nowhere near that I am super nice and I feel all that is fading away thanks to my anxiety :(

  • Hi Sweetsunshine, is it social anxiety that you suffer from?

  • No my anxiety is everywhere I could be driving and get anxious I could be sitting down and get anxious is like the moment my brain starts running without control anxiety strikes. It comes out of nowhere.

  • I do feel the same I find it hard to talk to people close to me about how I am. I just burst out crying so I tend to keep it all in and il just have a day of crying for nothing it's so horrible. I have a few people who understands thanks to this site x a wish you well x

  • Yes it is horrible, people around me the few that know I feel like they are not understanding or think I'm crazy that is just in my head and I can control it. Little do they know I fight to control it and it even makes me more anxious is not easy. So that brings me down. It really helps to know I am not alone and talking here to others who feel the same way helps very much. Thank you, if you ever need to talk I am all ears :)

  • Thanks so much sweet sunshine means a lot and same goes to you, I understand so much and like my friends etc there the same none of them seem to no they just shrug it of like it's a piece of shit, so easy for people like that ain't it xxx

  • Is hard for someone who is not going through it to understand, but thanks to this site we can relate to others going through the same who understand :)

  • That's true thankyou x

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