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feeling like I need the toilet

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Hi all. does anyone get the feeling like they need to toilet when walking about a lot. I have been to the gp who thought I had constipation and gave me sachets but I still get the feeling. I have had an examination off the doctor with a finger test and also gave a stool sample which came back fine. He did says I had piles I am on citoapram 10mg as well for nearly 4 weeks now but in the morning I can hardly function until ive been up for about 3 hours. anyone identify with these symtoms please.. thank simon

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Hello Simon

Well piles do make you feel like you need the toilet all the time one of the nasty side effects that come with them but did your Doctor give you some cream to use ?

They should have done so if not you can either buy some over the Counter in any chemist or you need to go and ask your Doctor for a prescription

Sometimes and I know as I have been there it can take trying out a few creams before you find the one that works for you but you can also be lucky and the first one works fine so you would have to see how you got on

Make sure you do not purge going to the toilet this will just make them worse so when you feel the need to go as soon as you realize you don't want to then don't sit there trying

Drink plenty of water that helps the bowel movements and keep the area clean , they usually do improve if you do these things but they are unpleasant but not life threatening and be reassured that you have been examined so there is nothing sinister just pesky little piles !

It could be the medication making you feel sluggish for the first few hours in a morning this again can be a side effect but usually does get better but see how you go and if in say another few weeks it is not improving again you need to speak with your Doctor , they may suggest you try taking them at a different time of the day or could look into changing them but it is early days yet so hopefully you will start to settle down and feel ok but if not there are other options :-)

I hope both settle down for you soon and you feel a lot better :-)

Take Care x

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thanks for that reply. I didn't realise piles made you feel like going to the toilet. it happens more when I walk so I suppose gravity plays a part. I will get some cream and hope it helps .. thanks again

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Yes it is one of the main things it does and correct gravity pushes them down , but get some cream and see how you go should help :-) x

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thanks again . .you have put my mind as ease . even though id had a clear stool sample and a examination off the doctor, the mind can play tricks on what the causes can be. simon

I am on 40 mg citalopram just upped from 20 mg. I take mine in the morning but when I first started them for about 2 weeks I had weird sleep and always felt tired now I dk if I'm not sleeping right or what but I don't dream.. my anxiety has always given me stomach issues where I needed a bathroom constantly. I think Its part of the pill that makes us feel a bit lethargic. I notice I feel better if I make myself get up do dishes straighten the house if I sit I start to feel numb and woozy

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