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Natural Calm

So I bought yet another supplement, I really need to stop wasting my money..,anyway it's called Natural Calm it's a flavoured powdered magnesium and calcium supplement, tastes quite nice actually well anyway my health anxiety has kicked in and now I think I'm going to die cause I just had some.(dramatic I know) :-)

Anybody on here heard of it or even used it?


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I've not heard of it before, but willing to give it as try if it works for you. saw a post recently from someone else who said magnesium and calcium supplements were good for anxiety so I'm sure you will be fine. I too have a cupboard full of different vitamins hoping one might help my anxiety and depression

Jules x


I have heard of them, I can't remember where from. But I know they are meant to be good for anxiety.

It seems we all try out all sorts on here and am sure we all have boxes of this that and the other hidden away.

let us know how you get on with them.

Gardener x


I've just bought some. Only had 3 lots. I don't think it can do any harm and it had a good write up. I like the way it fizzes


Yes I've seen the pot in my kitchen, I think my mum takes them :) Has it got clouds on the pot?

I'm afraid I haven't tried them but what I will say is that my mum is happy and well, so please please don't worry about side effects :) Natural supplements like these just contain more of what our bodies already have. It's really brave of you to take these with health anxiety, what a great way to reassure yourself that you won't have a bad reaction to medicines and supplements :) Hopefully you'll start feeling the benefits of them soon :)

Katy xx


Magnesium and calcium aren't toxic at anything close to the levels you would get in a food supplement. Apart from anything else, you can see this because they're used in indigestion remedies. One indigestion pill would give you something close to your recommended daily amount of calcium or magnesium—and with most of these pills you can take several doses if your stomach is still upset.

I also think someone would notice if people were dying after taking a food supplement like Natural Calm. If a person was found dead, apparently poisoned, the authorities would want to know where the poison came from. If it came from a food supplement, they would want to know, so supermarkets could recall the product.


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