Natural way

So... i posted a while back saying i was trying a natural approach to try help my symptoms of anxiety. So here goes..few weeks into it ...

Maybe 2 anxiety attacks

Coping far better

High energy

Sleeping better

Yes i can still dip but its for a few minutes now unlike days or weeks like it uses to.

Im off all meds .. even ones for reflux .

Maybe there is something in this " healthy clean body , healthy clean mind".

I can only say for myself...but something is changing and for the better xxx


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  • MrsB08, I'm so glad it's working for you. Sounds like quite an improvement. They do always talk about mind body connection so it does make sense. The benefits are great. I wish you continued success. Keep us updated on your progress. x

  • Oh i will agora and thank you .

    Im Positive i will see a huge massive turn around in me. And from that i hope to help support and be there for others too .... x

  • Wow that's fantastic I'm afraid I missed your post I'd love to hear more on how you did it Get some tips

    Keep getting well Im thrilled for you xx

  • How did you do it I missed your post too

  • Aloe vera drinking gel ... nothing more nothing less xx

  • Realy never heard of it tks

  • Tks ? Lol

  • Hi Laura just seen your post. A few weeks ago I ran out of medication near a weekend was mid week till I got more. Panic! No I found I slept better had couple dips but didn't last long I'm now on holiday brought them with me just in case but feel fine hope it continues keep us all posted how you're doing cos sounds like your doing great 👍

  • Hi MrsB08, I'm with you all the way with that!! If your body feels better so does your mind. Trouble is when you feel bad you either don't eat or eat rubbish. That's why I always believe we have to take control over what's happening to us. You be the master of your own mind and not the other way round!! Well done, I'm so pleased for you x

  • Aw thanks angep..I am.prepared to try anything and everything lol... atm..its working xxx

  • Well glad to here that. it could also be mind over matter just because you feel good and feel healthy your no longer feeling like your trapped in the fear and pills. Self confidence is always good to have after anxiety because anxiety take it away. I did the anxiety workbook I learned a lot about how the body reacts to anxiety . I learned where anxiety comes from and why we have panic attacks . The one thing that stopped my panic all together was knowing that I can't die from anxiety or panic attacks .. That made me calmer and I could self talk myself right down . I hope you keep doing well . Take care.

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