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still struggling

hi not posted in a while but have been reading peoples posts I am still struggling with anxiety because of being in a car accident it was a rear ender suffered whiplash and since then my anxiety took over have not been able to go to work because it involves a lot of driving been to doctors on various meds he also advised me to look for another job with no driving involved which I have been doing have been offered a job in a factory less money than before only starts on 28 but am feeling really anxious about this any advice please.

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Hi drews

Sorry to read you are still struggling

It seems the car accident has had a real impact on your anxiety & I dont no if you have or been offered but as well as the meds your GP has you on some counselling may help as when the accident happened it seems the fear has been created which causes the anxiety & talking it through would maybe benefit you

At this moment if you were to go back to work , sounds like a non driving job would be the best way to go, do you feel ready for going back to work & could you live on less pay ?

I only say this as money isnt everything but we need enough to live on & if we are struggling with money that can cause anxiety , which you dont need to add more on top of what you have , but of course you no the answer if it would be enough for you

Maybe a different job & going back to work might help you , sometimes we dont no until we try

If it was me I would do myself a list , maybe headings been reasons for going back to work , reasons for not & I would be truly honest with my answers & then see which one comes out on top & take it from there

I am sorry this may of been no use at all & someone will come along with a better answer later when they see your post but just wanted to let you no people are listening , which can help :-)

Let us no how you go on & what you do

Always do as far as you no whats best for you & not what you think others expect of you





hello whywhy thanks for your advice I would be able to manage on less pay because my wife also works its just the thought of leaving my old job because I have been there so long 12 years but I cant face the driving anymore.



Well if you cant face driving I no we find it hard to make changes but it seems the only option at the moment

I also suspect been on meds might affect your driving job as well

Maybe its time for a change , it could be the best thing you do & if its not you can always look for another job

This is of course if you are ready for work again

Maybe think about some counselling , talking things through with someone impartial , can be a huge help :-)



Afternoon Drews,

Unfortunately I know exactly where you're coming from.

I basically lived to drive, You couldn't get me away from a steering wheel or off the road.

Then one morning I collapsed at the wheel and woke up in a field. Luckily mine was the only vehicle involved but my driving became restricted on health grounds.

Since that day nearly 10 years ago, I try not to drive that much for long periods or distances, 2 hours maximum seems to be my best. The anxiety kicks in and then the wonderful cycle I have in my life starts.

I was faced with redundancy saw an opportunity at a different location but with travel thought I could handle it but eventually the driving and chasing tail especially got to me.

I also understand the problem that is facing you with finance, but view it more from a business perspective you are better off with 50% of something than 100% of nothing.

Once you have a regular income other problems can be dealt with, it's when you don't have that everything falls apart.

My original plan failed, the driving got to me, lost my job on medical grounds, and like you on the advice of my GP I am searching for something new. If you have a job offer take it you can always evaluate your position and look for something that pays better or once the anxiety is controlled look further afield.

I hope this helps you.



thanks whywhy I am still waiting for counselling since july so would have to take this job without actually having seen anybody to talk things over with but its always good to come on here and get good advice of people who care and know what we are going through big hugs drews.


I can't believe that they are so unfeeling... seems ridiculous to me. As everyone says get on to the CAB, I know they sometimes have lawyers there on certain days who give free advice. Good luck. Julie xx


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