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Coming and Going

I have been coming and going from this site/forum for about the last month. I posted recently that I thought things were getting better, well this week they really have! This morning I woke up and the only worry I had was that I wasn't worrying about's just been quite a happy week.

Today something happened to spark the worry and I can feel the worry/anxiety coming back - just want to try and curb it. It's Friday tomorrow though so trying to look forward to the weekend.

There's a stress control course starting on Tuesday, a 6 week course, that I've signed up for. I was debating about not going as I was feel good this week but it could be useful information about stress control. What are people's thoughts?

Just want to try and stay happy :(

Thanks for listening/reading to my moan....

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Hi naeb,

Yes go on the course always good to have tools that can help. I went on anxiety course and done me the power of good just signed up for a mindfulness course in December.

I am sure you will get back to feeling good.

Keep coming on here and we will support each other as always.

Hope my reply has helped, and have a nice night. Gardener x


Thanks :)

Ohh - what's the mindfulness course - can you send a link?


I got a book on mindfulness called "The happiness trap" by Russ Harris my counsellor told me about it. I bought it off Amazon. It is about Mindfulness I am slowly getting through it and when a course came up I thought it is worth a try. Gardener x


I think the courses are good and can give us strategies to cope when we are down.I found them really good. I still continue with my relaxation CDs and other things even though I am a lot better than I was. I still have down days where I need to call upon the things that I have learnt. Good luck. xx


I have been looking for relaxing music CD's but not sure what's good.

Can you recommend any CDs?


Deep breakfast. Yanni.


Do go, it's a good course. It will give you lots of tips that you will be able to use.


My CD was made for me by a hypnotist friend. I am sure they would have something on Amazon or online site somewhere. Calming music. Maybe ask at the course. All the best. Julie xx


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