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Well I wish this rain would go away it always makes me anxious when it rains knowing I'm stuck in till tomorrow I could go walking in it but don't want to. It's so lonely winter I hate it I've been out this morning and now the day just drags oh well son will be home in ten minutes and rush through the door not glad to see me may I add just coz he's missed his x box

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I dont like rain either !

Would rather it be cold at least you can wrap up !

I hate it as well when people come in wet making a mess all over the floor & dripping every where !

I get my lights on , do you like music some cheery music can get me in a good mood & I have been even known to throw a few moves when no one is looking :-D

I am sure deep down you son will be happy to see you , whats happened to his box ?





LOL nothing I mean he misses playing on it coz he's at school. I sometimes put music on I lkie a bit of Bruno mars.


Oh right :-D

Thought he had taken it of him for doing something , thats usually when they decide they dont like us any more :-D

Oh I like Bruno Mars , he is quite nice to the eye as well :-/

Still sticking with Will-i-am though :-)



I'm the opposite I love it, getting all cosy. I just get wrapped up and go out.Ive been out twice today and it's chucked it down both times!!!

I hope your evening gets better

Take care xxxx


Thanks I've just taken the dog for a walk jus to get out for a while


Hi Scoobyd

I love the rain...I can have the windows open without worrying about cigarette smoke or burnt food smells coming in :)


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