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Welcome the rain


It's so easy to get up in the morning, see rain and feel down beat. Sunshine brightens are day, but rain has it's part to play and not in a bad way.

The rain washes the dirt and grime away from the streets, it breaths new life into the plants, trees and flowers, and if we think positively it cleanses our negativity from the previous day and refreshes us for a new day.

I'm going for a walk in the rain today, and smile and be thankful for nature. :)

Have a lovely day everyone x

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Hi so am I with my two dogs, as long as the wind keeps away


Hi Tara

I love how you look on the positives of it raining , cant say I feel the same though as I feel we get to much :-D

I am one of those that is waiting for the sun , I think it helps lift my mood & this seems like a long winter we have been having

Good on you though , for turning this weather into a positive

Hope you enjoy your walk & have a good day




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I am waiting for the sun too,

Reading this though, makes me think how many days I will miss this year waiting for the sun, if it ever appears :-)

Rain refreshes the air, and us in turn, so I'm getting my rain mac on and getting out today too.

Thanks Tara and whywhy



Morning Tara I absolutely agree a walk in the rain is really refreshing. I even jogged in the rain a while ago. I thought it was maybe a bit bonkers but I felt great when I got back. Morning everyone too love eve x

Glad the rain is getting a better reputation. :)

Eve, running in the rain was my favourite running condition, much nicer than hot sticky weather x

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