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Hi all x Weird day :) good but weird

Hi all hope we are all ok x

Well what a day x a weird strange day x As we all know and are probably sick of hearing my neighbour has moved x The final touches went today x Her hubby is ok, to be honest dont see him that much as he works, but today he confided in me that he is heartbroken they have moved as he was happy in his home x He said it was tearing him apart as he dosnt take to change and he will miss us as neighbours and friends x Hadn't really thought about him in all of this, I was more pleased that she was finally going to be gone and that maybe I could get on with my life. It seems his wife the neighbour from hell signed a new tenancy behind his back and he was against the move whoops. Felt really guilty about this, but then figured it was not my problem as I needed to get better and could not with her putting me down all the time. Seems no matter what someone is gonna lose in some situations x

Other than this the weekend is going good x we aint over yet lol. Im sailing on happily and coping with my niggles x All be it with a guilty cloud, I must be mad lol. Im trying to take each day as it comes and live for the moments x Anyway ramble over xx Donver xx

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Hi Donver

Please , dont go down the path of feeling guilty over this one please !

Your ex neighbour , is not a nice person & you have every right to feel relieved & happy she has gone , the fact she doesnt seem to be a very nice wife either by the sounds of it & has moved without taking her husbands feelings into account , has nothing to do with you & this may seem harsh but its his problem & one day he might stand up to her , but thats his problem to deal with & thank goodness she is no longer going to be a problem to you

I hope now this will be a big weight of your shoulders & glad you are sailing happily !

As for things feeling weird but good , I would settle for that :-/

Hope you have a good nights sleep :-)





Hi Whywhy x and ty x your right as usual, why should I carry the guilt burden. I do feel easier that she has gone x I mean don't get me wrong I don't wish her any bad x even wished her hubby every luck in his new home, he may need it lol. She is very much the walk all over him type, he gives in to her every demand but he is only 30 time will tell.

I do feel better yes, ty x I settle for weird lol its better than panic :) x Hope you sleep well to xx Donna x


Hi donver,

Thing you said it yourself really, " it's not your problem"

I know it is not nice to say but it is true, so you have nothing to feel guilty about. That speaks volumes that his mrs signed behind his back eh?

But the best thing is you will be better off without her.

I am doing the same thing as you and taking one day at a time. So happy sailing on to us both lol.

Gardener x


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