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Oh noes!!

The anxiety, pit of my stomach churning and chest pain are back with a vengeance the last few days, actually woke up in the middle of the night and thought my time had come, I had this searing chest pain in my right side...funnily enough I was so tired I didn't care I just rolled over and went back to sleep lol.

Today however I have the old throaty palp feeling, I'm trying to remember that it's nothing but anxiety and I've had it before and I'm still here, it's hard but I'm trying to battle through, so either it will start to fade or I'll be dead, hopefully not the latter ;-)


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Ashley, hope the feeling passes soon sit yourself down with a cup of tea and a nice biscuit.........simple pleasures x


Hi Debbie.

I'm at work so no such luck lol but lunch soon so I'll try and chill out then :-) x


Hi ashley, its good that you can recognise the symptoms of your anxiety and the positive attitude to battle through, don't give in to it x


Hi Jules

I know it's Anxiety, I even know it when my heart skips about all over the place it's just my silly mind running away with itself half the time hahaha x


Hey Ashley you really cheered me up Sunday, sorry to hear your not so great , well I hope it's not the latter too :D

Let us know later that your still here and hope your day gets better !! :)

Mimii xx


Hey mimii!

I'm really glad I cheered you up on Sunday lol! That makes me :-)

I'm still here, just barely hanging in at work lol, if I'm going to go I'd rather is wasn't here haha ;-)xx


Im off back to work soon just dropped my daughter off for her appt with cpn she doesn't really like her though !

Keep hanging in there, just think of Rod, works for me :D

Mimii xx


It won't be the latter, I promise you :) It's really good you were able to sleep through those horrible chest pains... if only that could always be the case when we start panicking!

Sending you happy thoughts, I hope you sleep well tonight :) xxx


Hi Ashley

Just read your post and all the lo vely replies. I can feel you cheering up

as the replies continue.

I hope you are feeling better now as you know it's anxiety don't you.

Tell it to go away and keep busy. That's what I do.

I also get the "throat-thing". It's horrible,but try to stay focused.

Don't let your thoughts win-Stay on top!! xx


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