Hope everyone is ok this morning:) I had an ok'sh sleep. This morning I got upset tummy again, seem to get this first thing in the morning and then I'm fine... Wierd! Pulled my back yesterday.. Lifting 2 big sacks of dog food off the door step where the lovely delivery man just dumped them! So iprobruven and then carry on regardless:)) school run,doggies, shopping! Have a good day peeps :)) hugsxxxx


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  • Morning :)

    I think so many people with anxiety suffer with an upset stomach , if its first thing or all through the day , maybe as you have been a little anxious with your daughter , that could have brought it on

    Sorry about your back , next time I would ask the delivery man if he could take them a little further than dumping on the doorstep , they dont always offer , but sometimes if you ask , they might , hope it eases later

    Hope you have a good day to :)




  • Thanks whywhy, the sacks were there waiting for me when I got back from dropping my daughter off yesterday. I did try and phone but to no avail. I will how ever say something to him next time. Tummy seems to of settled now. Cup of coffee,paper , holly and phil:)) hugs x

  • Glad your stomach has settled :)

    Well when you said , coffee , paper & holly & phil , I did think well who is holly & phil & what is she going to be doing with them , then I realized you were on about This Morning :D


  • Oh my goodness:))) yes I'm talking about "This Morning"!! That did sound abit wrong!!:)) Did make laugh though!!:) Hugs x

  • Yes I did have to think now whats happening how do I reply to this one :D


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