Concerned about new symptoms

Back again, its always something. The past couple days it has seemed like I can taste blood in my mouth for a minute or so and then goes away but there is no blood. Then a few days later I was brushing my teeth, after brushing I seen black particles/strings mixed in with my spit. It happened again this morning. I am now having really bad anxiety about this because I know it is not normal and have no idea what it is. Any suggestions?


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8 Replies

  • What do u mean by strings?

  • Black particles that are long. Its very weird and hard to explain.

  • I'm not liking the sound of that have u brought it to your doctor's attention?

  • No I have not it just started happening 2 days ago.

  • Ok well I think you should and in the mean time try not to stress

  • Why don't you go to the hospital and take a sample of what you're talking about with you?

  • Its not coming out now. I have a doctors appointment scheduled for tomorrow.

  • That's good news! Good luck on your appointment. :)

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