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Just had a cry:(

I felt wired all day so I thought I'd do some mindfulness. It was while I was doing it that I felt the over whelming urge to cry. I felt tense across the shoulders and up the neck . I'm going to mum in laws in a bit I'm hoping I don't feel sad when I'm there. There's probably a couple of you that know what's going on in my head... Once it's over with ... I want that feeling of calm... I'm hoping for it anyway. Right now I'm going to try and stop thinking bad thoughts and be positive. I know I'll be fine and nothing will be wrong.. I'm wittering on again .. I'm on my own .. Well daughter in her room and hubby at work.. Feel lonely. Right going to stop talking and get on with something nice:) xx

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Hello :-)

Have a witter & get it all out & hope its made you feel better even in a small way to no we care & are listening

I no what is troubling you & I also no when something is its so hard not to feel this fear & get bad thoughts but tell them to do one will you best you can , I no everything will be fine & you just need to get there & be told that & then you will have that peace back

Remember GP said everything was OK before you have even been i am sure they wouldnt say that if they had any doubt

Oh I bet going to in laws will help take your mind of things & that lovely hubby when he gets back will as well :-)

Oh I so wish I could say more & wave a wand & make this go away , but all I can think is I no when I have faced a fear , I have learnt something afterwards & then been able to use it next time

This feels like a real rubbish answer & I dont want it to be :-(

We are here though keep talking this will soon pass :-)





Thanks hunni, hubby just got back:) just took one look at me and gave me a cuddle and said it will be fine. You didn't give me a rubbish answer Hun far from it:)) you've been there to give me the kick up the bum:))! Right I'm off to mum in laws now.. But I'll check in when I get in just to say nite:)) xxxx oh and Hubby reckons your a top girl and thanks you:) xx


Well I like your hubby to , only because I can see how well he looks after you :-D

Enjoy yourself & talk later :-)



Oh he does:) xx


I no & mine does & they are rare gems we have found here , so we are lucky :-)



Sorry that you feel like this but it's good that you've got a loving husband who can support you whenever you need. Just think about how lucky you are to have your family. Crying helps a lot sometimes. I know I'm no help I dunno how to comfort people but hey we're all here in the same situation you are definitely not alone in your problem Hun! You are stronger than you think, this shall pass soon xxxx


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