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Morning all :)

Hi all, hope we are all well x Well what a day :) the sun is not shinning, its bloody cold and its foggy where I am x But I am happy x first for me on a morning but hey ho we can it seems have good days x

Ive been bopping round the house listening to music on the ipod and i feel good for it x None of this usual crappy slushy sad stuff, a new mix of enthusiastic upbeat music x Ive found katy perry new one quite upbeat and positive xx have a listen xx

Hope we all having a good day x :) Donver xx

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Morning Donver :)

Well its not cold here , its quite warm , but its dull & we are expecting the usual , lots of rain & you can sense its on its way & I dont like rain :-( you get wet , well thats if you go out , which I dont , but the others do & they come in wet & dripping & it gets on my nerves :D

Glad to see you so upbeat :)

I got up with a migraine , it was due so no surprise , but doesnt help any :-(

Hope your ship keeps sailing , we may find out later as long as you dont loose your post






Morning (almost afters) whywhy x

Ive been told it isn't cold by the hubby its just me x i so need to get out its like the smiths song gone wrong everyday is,nt monday its bloody cold. I hate it when people come in dripping from the rain and get my laminate wet cos I have to mop it up lol x and the dog goes upstairs and jumps on my bed and makes it all claggy and wet.

Ty I think i must of got out of the right side of bed x im feeling hopeful as well as the ship sailing on im now getting psychiatric nurse to talk to me on daily basis if i want it. I may escape yet :) xx I think if I can offload me past guilt and stuff my head may be free to move on x

I will keep you informed as t the port I arrive in next lol xx Donna xx


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