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Downton Cats... The scandal x




At first Cecilia’s and the fox’s marriage was so strong,

But now I have to tell the tale, of how it all went wrong.

Now I’m not one to gossip, neither am I being unfair,

I’ll tell you all what I was told, So go pull up a chair.

The couple had Three daughters, Lady Betts, then Flo and May.

The girls they were a handful so their Aunties came to stay,

At first the house was happy, filled with laughter and with song.

Then a handsome woodsman came, that’s when it all went wrong.

Twas a very special night, The Manors Hallows Ball,

When suddenly there came a noise, then paw steps in the hall.

The Great Room was a bustle, Lovely Ladies and their lords,

Then again from upstairs came the sound of creaking boards.

The Fox, in shock looked for his wife, who, alas could not be found,

Oh well, he thought, ill go alone, investigate that sound.

He made his way towards the stairs, fear racing through his mind,

He prayed that it was just a mouse and not a thief he’d find.

He crept along the hallway, eyes adjusting to the gloom,

When he heard the sounds of passion, come a flooding from his room.

His heart and mind were racing now, oh no, this couldn’t be,

He placed his paw upon door handle, turning it gently,

Now as I told you all before its only what I’ve heard.

And if your asked who told you this, just say a little bird.

The fox could not believe his eyes, he had to wipe them twice’

Cecilia laying naked with the handsome woodsman’s wife. [sic]

The scandal that did then ensue, the treachery, the sin.

The Fox and both the aunties are now in the Loony Bin,

The daughters are in therapy, in some far off resort,

The moral here, Love whom you wish for life is far too short.

6 Replies

I love it, it really put a big smile on my face. I love the pictures they are fantastic. Thank you for putting a smile on my face

Take care xxxx


You are welcome hun, I know how hard it can be to smile some days. xxx


Hey Cookie , was just thinking about you :p

Oh Cookie , thats brilliant , & you are right it did knock my socks of & I would never have thought she had it in her :D

What happens next then ?

That picture just makes me laugh so much , only you could come up with this :p



Ha ha, bet you thought it was the woods man didnt ya lol xxx You shall have to wait and see what happens lol. there are more pics on FB one as i am a tech phobe and dont know how to format stuff on here lol xxx


I did , I did !!!! :D

Oh when is the next episode , you dont give me any warning :p

Oh great , cant wait to see my FB wall & see what you have done to it :D

I shall speed of & look now :p



This should be made into a tv series !! :D

Mimii xx


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