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Refusal to sink!! ive plugged the holes the ship sails on x

Evening all ( best said in pc plod voice) bet u did as well lol x Just wanted to say Hi and ty to all who replied to my post yesterday x The ship is still afloat, its little and broken but floating.

I've taken today easy, and yes i have worried about the anxiety (health side only) and i've tried to tell myself go away anxiety but I haven't got annoyed when it did not. I have made a conscious effort to talk less about my niggles to the hubby and just let them be. Que sera sera has took hold today. No point in worrying about the future, it hasn't happened yet:) It may sink it as long as it dont sink me boat x

I've put away the self help books and i'm ready to begin however long the journey to getting to be me again. It may take some doing but if I can have positive friday every week I will know I'm doing something right x

Im on positive one today :) my annoying neighbour ( no detail needed) other than i now call her leech x well she took it upon herself to inform royal mail that any parcels if she was out should be delivered to me as I never go anywhere. So today it happened, I took it in, and then when I saw her handed it to her and informed her never to assume I was in again as she did not dictate my life and all she needed to know was for the sake of royal mail I was not the sorting office. She mumbld something under her breath but i ignored her. She has ranted on fb all night about people like me but i deleted her :)

Ship is coming into port for the night ,sea is still rough, storms are still gathered, rain is pounding down x whether the ship will hold through the storm is anyes guess, but it cannot rain forever xx :)

Donver xx

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Evening :)

Loved your post & your ship wont go down , its not the Titanic , mind you if Leo was on it you might not mind if it was :D

Well done you , loved that one with the neighbour & I am so glad you told her , cheeky women , what a liberty :o

And deleting her of FB :D you have got Positives for Friday :)

Hope you get a good nights sleep :)





ty whywhy xx I wouldn't mind any ship going down that johnny depp was sailing but oddly enough only if he was wearing the captain sparrow set up:)

Ty x she did need telling, feel a lot better for it to:)x thing is if she asked first id maybe of thought differently x and the less i know about her sad life the better mine may be lol x

Hope you sleep well to xxx


Hi Donver,

I like your post it made me smile, all sounding good. I am pleased you told your neighbour where to go lol.

Like whywhy said cheeky of her! Like you said might have been different had she have asked you.

I am slowly reading my help book that the counsellor recommended and I think it might be helping me. I have been down this route before but I tented to read the book and do nothing with it. So now am taking my time and doing the exercise's. The best time for me to read it is at night in the peace of my bedroom, think I am trying to get it into my head before I sleep and it might stay there a bit longer lol.

Hope you have a good day.


ty gardener x glad it made you smile x

The neighbour sadly had to be told, its one of them situations where id be happier if everyone got along x but sadly sometimes you cannot because these people make it impossible x it will no doubt be blamed on me as she is very good at the sympathy act but tough x

Im glad your book is helping x i was reading the happiness trap and it made good pointers but i've stopped for now x

Hope you also have a good day xxx


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