Face pain - I really hate this feeling!

Now I've been told I've got TMJ and seeing a doctor next Tuesday at the dental hospital for it. I get feelings of pins and needles in my face, right side does it more. I've been looking up a awful thing called Trigeminal neuralgia and worried I've got it. The feeling comes and goes, it's been playing up today and doing my head in. Can this be a sign of anxiety? Or something worse?


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  • Hi Hun I had weird feelings in my face. I have had pain in my left arm all day today and it's freaking me out too I keep saying its nothing but I still worry. How's the job going? And ur eyes?

  • This happens to me when my blood pressure is really high.

  • Hi LoopyL210

    My eyes are heavy but normal. The job is so much fun, I love it. Now my family love the fact I can get cheap theatre tickets, so I am their number one friend lol. My Cousin is getting married on Friday so I don't want to feel this way then. I got to see my doctor on Thursday for a test of blood pressure and heart before I go to the dental hospital place next week. So I can ask him about this feeling

  • Now I've got pins and needles in my face. I hate this feeling so much. Is this anxiety ?

  • I think it is all ur anxiety Hun. Great news about ur job :-) won't be long till panto season is in full swing lol. Glad to hear ur eyes are getting better. Are u stressed today?

  • It took me ages to fall to sleep last night, jaw was sore as hell. I got to sleep at 3am! Maybe my jaw knows it's going to see the dentist next week lol

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