Hate this feeling

For a week now I been dealing with Having a headache, dizzy, shorten of breath, diarrhea, chest pain, shaking, can't hold a full conversation, trouble going to sleep, no appetite, trouble swallowing, don't like being alone, I have trouble being focus. Can't be still. Always assuming the worst. I tried to take medicine to go to sleep so I won't think about it as much but I'll only sleep for 2 hours and wake up to the same symptoms. I just want this to go away and have my life back. All I want to do is sleep and cry because it scares me. Haven't been to work or to school. Any thing that'll help!!!!! I been trying to calm my nerves and tell myself that I'll be okay but then it comes back where I feel like crap!


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7 Replies

  • That could certainly all be anxiety but for safety's sake you really should be seen by a doctor. And you're okay now so it doesn't seem like an emergency but a dr. Visit is definitely in order to rule everything out.

  • hello from NanaDiane, Holy Cow! It sounds like you were reading my mind? My "Anxiety/Panic" land'D on me this past Easter.....but it hasn't gone away..... Everything You said, that's ME...... the Nausea is toss'D in there....Never know which, or how many of these symptoms will attack me....It's getting to the point where I am SCARED & HATE being Alone. I am a 2/time Widow, living in a Senior Complex in DownersGrove the last 2 & 1/2 years.

    I sincerely Hope for You, that it won't continue or worsen either.....

  • How are you feeling today mzemma thinking of you

  • A little better. Just taking it one day at a time 😏 Thanks for asking. How are you feeling?

  • I'm having a very bad time my partner says he is going to leave me so I'm really on my own with two young children

  • Oh no sorry to hear that, that sucks. You're not alone! Just take one day at a time. Hope you feel better and have a good day! We have to get thru this .

  • I just feel lost and alone sometimes I'm sure my kids would be better without me

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