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crashed and burnt

Well This was supposed to be the start of a really good week and instead its crashed and burnt. Woke up feeling crap, the tears started i have sobbed and cried and i don't know why, im still crying to the point where i cannot breathe in between heavy sobs my heart is breaking and im down and out.

On top of this i had a letter from the benefits saying i have to go to a work based interview and get a job, im a career for my 2 ill kids and my ill hubby i cannot leave the house and now if i dont go i get no money, so useless me strikes again. Cannot do nothing right x I smacked my head off a wall in frustration and now i have the headache from hell. When the hell does life get easier or better x I tried to ring my mam for help something I never do and she fobbed me off. i hoping ranting will make me feel better as even my ever present soh has buggered off today x

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Hi donver, sounds like ur having a rubbish day Hun. Try and take some deep breathes and relax have a cup and tea and gather urself. I know how u feel I felt low yesterday and kinda getting there today also.

Can you not speak to the benefits people and explain ur situation. Iam sure they must have to accept u don't got out and that ur a career for ur children and hubby. Is there any numbers to call? Is ur hubby not home today? I think I have drove my bf and I think he now thinks this is me for the foreseeable and he has had enough :-( stay strong and just breathe then things will look more clearer xxxx


Ty Loopy, I have cried all morning t the point where I just wanted to sleep but then I spoke to the kids nurse who made me feel a little better x she just said I was letting things get to me and the letter had topped it off x

I have explained to the benefits and they said i need to have a interview as a career its not enough being on income support anymore. But my therapist should be able to write a letter saying they have to back off x My hubby home now he went to get the nurse bless he thought i was having breakdown x Its just frustration she think x

Im feeling calmer now xx ty xx Hope ur situations are better soon x


Hi donver

Hang on we are only on Monday Morning the week has 7 days , still loads of time for this to come good , dont write all the week of on a bad start hun

Crying can be a relief valve , & we have to let it all out , I have cried to the stage where i cant get my breath & feel I will never be able to stop

Now you need to sort this benefit thing out

Are you down as the carer for you sons & hubby , if you were they shouldnt be bothering you

You need help with this , its impossible for you to work at the moment

I no its not going to be easy as you cant get out but can you use the phone ?

You need to contact someone like CAB , they can sometimes come out to you or talk it over the phone

You need to be appealing that you are on Jobseekers & cant actively look for work , you seem to be on the wrong benefit here , as there is no way you can

Is there a number on the letter you can phone , explain & tell them you want to appeal

I no you cant get out , but you could do with your GP , doing a note to back up your circumstances , or if you could get sick notes , that stops them been able to call you in

I went through something similar just after Christmas , but I had help & have been put in the group where they leave you totally alone , but I did have to get back up with my circumstances

Also the woman that comes to do the counselling , she maybe able to help , its worth asking

I no its not easy , but with your circumstances & the right help you can & will get this sorted hun , it nearly finished me of & made me ill , but I got there in the end , you will to

Sending big hugs



Hi whywhy x im writing this one off as bad september x oct tomorrow so new start and when the leaves are falling im shredding off the old me to :) x I have cried bucket loads think i may need lots of coffee to top my fluid levels up x soh returning so thats good x

Benefit thing will be sorted x i can get letter from therapist or doctor to say they have to leave me alone x These people are doing there job trying to get me into work again x but there are thousands of lazy sods they can pick on first x

I just need to stop feeling sorry for myself x hubby having meeting with my doctor tomorrow to discuss next step so x fingers xxxx ty or the hugsxxxxx


Get lots of coffee then hun

I no , its hard enough dealing with everything as it is without them on your back , & as you say there are plenty that are capable they can deal with first , but it doesnt seem to work that way somehow :(

Glad though you have a way to sort it & with the back up support , everything should be fine :)

Hope you are feeling a bit better now :)



thanks whywhy x feeling little bit better xx tired and drained with all the crying xx and the anxiety is biting my heels ready to have a go but she can bog off today xx


Dear Donver,

I am sorry to read that you are struggling or having a hard time at the moment.

a big hug,

Marcus xxx


Ty marcus x i guess it rollercoaster week for me x x oct tomorrow new month new start xx


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