Abit anxious at the min

Can u believe this I coughed hard once and as I did I felt a pain in the bottom of me back so of course at that point my mind went in to anxiety mode. Sounds silly but I even had a rush of adrenlin and went hot. The mind is such a powerful thing I even sat there and said to myself out loud y have I got anxious over that! Well I'm lieing on the settee waiting for factors to start as I've felt abit sicklish on and off all day. Now I've ate I feel abit worse. Hope ur all doing ok xxx

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  • Hi Donna x I can honestly say with my anxiety I panic over everything x so this would of had me going. I hate the adrenalin rushes the worst i could cope with some anxiety if they stayed away x Minds can be a little overpowering sometimes can't they x Wish I could switch mine off at times x Hope you feel better soon x Donver x

  • Hi donver totally panic over the littlest things dont we. Hope ur doing ok x

  • Im fine ty x just so hard to get your head round feeling like this all the time x One day I hope I can get where I need to go x

  • Panic does horrible things to us and I hate them. My mother-in-law ended up at A &E several times as she thought she was having a heart attack but ,no, was panic attacks. I think you did well trying to go to the party , at least you got there. We have to take small steps to get to recovery and, maybe, you made your first tonight. Julie xx

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