Has anyone else tried coming of citalopram as I am a bit worried?

Hi all my doctor and I agreed to me reducing of my citalopram by taking my 20mg every other day, then every 3rd day and then stop. It's only been 3 days since I have been doing every other day, and like when I started taking the tablets I am now freaking my self out with thoughts of side effects. Most of the time I shake it off but I would love some advice just to reassure my self.

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  • I came off citalopram in April. To me you sound like you are coming off it a bit quick. You need to do it really slowly I cut it down over quite a while until I was on 10mg a day when I ran out I just stopped, I did get some horrendous side effects but, that was from stopping suddenly. Just take your time and do it very slowly then you should be fine.

    Take care xx

  • Thanks for the reply, I think I will stick to the every other day and see if I can do it, if not I will go back to my doctor and ask to drop from the 20mg to the 10 . It's funny but like I said this was the method my doctor told me to do, you think he would have given me some better support for coming off them

  • Hi, I was on 60mg of citalopram for more years than I care to mention, a dosage not allowed now. I came off when I realised I wasn't taking them very regularly. I just gradually reduced how many I took in a week, (they were 20mg tablets) & to be honest I really wasn't too bad. A couple of times I felt a bit weird but just told myself 'It's because of the tablets that's all' & the next day I was fine.

    Try not to focus on it too much, easier said than done I know, but you'll get there, doesn't really matter how long it takes does it?

    Good Luck :)


  • Hi well I have been doing every other day for a week and it has been ok so far. I know it will take a while to come off, and I am glade to hear from people who have done it and have been ok.

  • No problem, sounds like you're doing ok. Extreme reactions are very rare, I'm sure you'll be fine :)

    Come here anytime if you're worried or struggling, always someone around.


  • hi ' I was on 20mg a day then 3weeks ago my doctor put me on 10mg a day so I can come off them. I must be ok because some days I forget to take them I feel good but to start with was up and down , it always takes time, and remember we are all different with meds, good luck

  • Thanks for the reply, when you look for some advice for coming off online all you get I'd horror stories, it's good to get a more realistic ideas of what it might be like

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