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Does anyone else take Citalopram for anxiety?

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I have been on Citalopram for quite a long time. Started from 10mg per day and this was gradually increased and I'm now on 40mg per day. Despite this increase in dosage I do not feel any benefit from the drug and my high levels of social anxiety are persistent. Does anyone else take this drug and does it work for you?

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Hi - it helps me at 20mg. How long have you been on it as it can take 6-8 weeks to start having a benefical effect?

i used 2 take it ,but had 2 come off it because the side effects wer terrible i think i was on 50mgs ,so no didnt work 4 me ,i always worry their just plecebos !! just take it 2 make u think ur getting better !!! maybe they work 4 some !!!

I ve been on citalopram for few years.last year I was on 40 mg.i think it stopped working after a while,still had panick attack and general I m on cipralex,updated version of citalopram.and I m feeling better already.

Did nothIng for me. Made me worse

Hi I was on Citalopram for a year but had to come off it gradually as I was pregnant. At first when I took it I had migraine nausea the shakes and no appetite. After 3 weeks it settled down. The tablets took the edge off things for me

10 mg is quite a low dose I think. I could not get on with Citalopram as it made me into a bit of a zombie and I swapped to venlafaxine. Agree with Karri - how long have you been on it at 40 mgs? The key is to find the correct dosage that will help with your anxiety and is annoying as you can only increase slowly is my understanding of all these meds. I am now on a whopping 225mg of venlafaxine (although is about equivalent to 50mg of citalopram I believe) and has finally started to have an impact.

I'm on 10mg specifically for OCD. Higher doses are not recommended for OCD, as the side effects outweigh the benefits

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