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I feel like I am at my whits end with my health anxiety. It started with a colon cancer scare. Then it moved to a skin cancer scare. Then an MS scare, now it is an ALS scare. I am 28 years old and seem to be finding false death for death around every corner. I have talked tom multiple doctors a neurologist, a GI doctor and dermatologist. ( On my second therapist and looking for another psychiatrist.) I am tired, my friends and family are tired of me. My memory is shot I am dozy all the time. I wake up with my chest tight. I am constantly poking and prodding my body. I start CBT tomorrow I hope this helps. I don't know how much longer I can do this. Am II the only one out there dealing with this stupid disorder?


A weary soul.

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Hello. The short answer to your question is no - you are not the only one dealing with this illness. You are in the right place to receive support understanding and comfort from the group. I think that most of us on here have felt the same frustration and anger and annoyance that you have described in your post at some time or another. That is what this illness does - it messes with your head and makes you believe that death is hovering, or that we have some serious illness that has somehow been overlooked despite all the tests we have undergone.

A large number of people have been given medication to deal with some of the symptoms. I think the important thing is to find the cause of the illness. I notice you will be starting therapy tomorrow. That is excellent news. If used correctly, the therapy will help you get to the root cause of your illness, and by doing this will help you overcome it. It is no quick fix of course - it may well take a considerable period of time. But if you are committed then this is your best option for a lasting cure. I hope that things go well for you.


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Thank you so much for your kind words. My therapist was trying emdr and other techniques because i was afraid of CBT. But I am more afraid of living like this forever. I hope this one is the ticket.

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I understand that people can be afraid of therapy - but as you say, living with the illness is actually way more scary. What is the worst that can happen in therapy, and is it worse than the illness - that is the question to ask yourself. And finally, ask what is the alternative to therapy for you - drugs for years to come, fear, panic, unhappiness? I am sure you understand that this illness dos not just pack up its bags and move somewhere else. It will have to be evicted.

I feel you. I'm literally dealing with the exact same thing. I feel like I may have colon cancer and I'm so afraid to go to the doctor and find out. Last month it was a hepatitis scare, the month before that it was breast cancer, and now its this. I'm losing my damn mind!

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Sorry you have having similar issues. However it is good to know we are all in this together!

Panicmike in reply to Jeudee

yeah. I really felt like I was going through this alone.