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Monday was a bit stupid...have I bottled out?

Took monday off work after a crappy weekend and psyched myself up to go to the doctor. Got up early and took the bus but when I got there the surgery was closed for holidays! Yeah, maybe I should have phoned first but I don't like using the phone - at least I got some fresh air:) Went home, cried and shouted at the furniture because I was mad at my GP for not being there when I needed him - how dare he take 1 week holiday in the year! ;) Sat for ages staring at the phone with sweaty palms and churning stomach, willing myself to dial a few numbers, phoned (hurrah!) around 3 other surgeries close to us - THEY WERE ALL SHUT!! Reached one other, tried it 5 times in 40 minutes and only got engaged tone. Was upset and frustrated. Then my husband came home from work. I told him all about it and we had a great talk and I told him all about my worries and fears. I cried a lot. He was brilliant and hugged me and said I should have talked to him sooner and I only have to ask if I need his help with anything. So now it's thursday and the set back on monday has put me off going to the doc, like it was a sign or something. Sounds a bit silly, I know, but I want to be 'brave and strong' and do this without meds. Aaarrrgh! Have I just chickened out or am I just not ready?

Anyway hope you are all well xxx

Sorry for the novel, just don't have anyone to talk to.

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Dont be sorry , I hope in some way getting all that out has helped a little

What a lovely supportive husband you have there :)

I can sometimes think , are things a sign , but I dont think so

It , doesnt have to be just meds your GP can do to help , there are other options like counselling , which they can arrange , which benefits so many people & even if you have had it before , can be worth trying again , so you could still go & have a chat , its your choice if you take meds or not , they cant force them on you

If you go & see them you wont come away any worse for it & maybe you might come away feeling a little bit better :)

Let us no how you go on





Hi Richi

It wonderful that you have such a supporting Husband , as whywhy has already said docs cant make you take meds, that's your choice, there is counselling that your GP can arrange for you, also CBT. Go along to your GP and have a chat if you can, see what he can offer in the way of support , other than meds. :)




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