dizziness trouble waking trouble with basically everything

Ive had anxiety off and on since childhood but Have went times its under control but each time it comes back k I'm older weaker have added symptoms and now my life has been put out for all to ridicule I can't even see straight sit walk breathe etc. There's no hope now at a where there use to be terrible episodes that passed and I had days or months to giggle about it. I know how not funny and how sad the disease is but at least before I could keep it to myself if I needed to to stay secure and sane a d to not offended d others when I laugh at myself after the attacks lass but no passing now it's twenty four hours a day and worse than ever. Way worse. Unlovable hopeless so much worse


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  • Hi jaar, You are not unlovable. You are lonely right now and reaching out to this forum may be the best thing you can do for yourself. It is true that as we get older, other health issues just compound what we have already been dealing with for years and that's our anxiety. You are correct in saying it may have been easier to hide from others and still have respites in between. Depression also plays into how we feel 24/7. The health issues over lap with the emotional ones. Please reach out to us to comfort and support you. This forum has a wonderful group of understanding people of all ages. We are here for each other.

    You are not alone. x

  • thank you

  • You are NOT unlovable.. believe me. No matter what you have done or what you think you are looked at like, you are lovable.

    There are people out there that don't understand having anxiety and people out there that will mock you because of it, but those people don't understand it.

  • How do I get straight to this site. Is there a certain web page name

  • Same here jaar, I know what you're going through but chatting on this site really helps me vent my feelings etc and clams me down a little. I've had this trouble walking sensation for about 8 months now and other symptoms like tingling, mood swings etc have affected my life with my wife and young daughter (8 now). I really want to do this with them but i'm so scared of falling over or panicking around them so I keep to myself alot

  • Yeah it stinks to want to do so many things, just like any other human being but the body won't cooperate. Anyone out there know of a meeting place or group people get together for this illness.

  • The only thing that makes me feel better is talking to people here who are going through the same things as I am, we are not alone!

  • Do you still feel off balance everyday?

  • I feel like my brain isn't firing right. Yes I feel off balance and so much else too. I think I have more than only my anxiety going on but am trying to get the anxiety under control and it's seeming hopeless. I have needs that have been taken from me that I must have to live well or want to. What are your symptoms

  • Oh yes they will go hand in hand my symptoms is feel off balance everyday for 3months now, pressure in my head and neck sore..sometimes im confused of whats going on in my brain. I feel miserable and frustrated and im scared every test done the more i get panic the more i feel pressure in my head and neck sore...would this be anxiety?

  • Yeah most likely it's a vicious circle of anxiety tension stress. Sorry your going through it. I hope you have loving compassionate understanding people in your life. You need that and to be cherished each day just like all do. Have a well night. Thank you

  • Your much welcome☺ im dealing it alone my family is there but they dont pay much attention with that im going through..i feel much comfortable telling it here my pain that i know people will give some comfort here. Did you take any meds?

  • Yes

  • How do I get straight to this web site. I found this by my symptoms but don't know how to get back onto the site directly. Help. Thanks

  • smilerayray. I know your not crazy. These symptoms are real and terrifying at times. The aches and pains that comes after the brain episodes and chest paralys is no joke and hurts just like you were in a recent accident. I hope you find a doctor who helps and will know this is a really disease. You are not crazy.

  • You are not alone. I wonder, what advice would you give to your best friend if she/he suffered same symptoms? I just responded to someone with similar issues and I would like to share it with you.

    Hey there! Your symptoms are 'normal' for someone suffering from anxiety. There are hundreds of different anxiety symptoms. They come and go. Some morph. Some are new or combination of all. Unfortunately, that is the nature of anxiety. Perhaps this is a way out for our body, souls, abd mind to tell us that attention is needed. After all, when was the last time you heard your body talk to you or have ontrolled any part of your body? Your kidneys, your liver, your lungs, your heart? You didn't because we can't. So how do we know something is not right internally? The anxiety symptom's may just be alarm bells. Alarm bells for a variety if reasons, but yours alone. Maybe our body is telling us change is needed. A change in our habits, what we eat, what we read, drink, watch, think do and listen to, etc. Are you healthy? Can you do anything to be more healthy? You alone hold the key to how you feel. You can sometimes put on a bandage. But if it's done constantly, perhaps a different approach is needed.

  • I have tons of good things to do but no place to do them or to have an approach but I do the best I can. I would be sensitive attentive compassionate ubdersrtanding. I love to read and love life when people let me. Hope you are well and have good health

  • I hear you loud and clear. You probably would have to deal with anxiety if you weren't compassionate and understanding. Sometimes we put other's needs ahead of ours. I don't know, I do and have done it my entire life. Perhaps deep inside we wish for someone to notice that, to notice our goodness but it really rarely happens. And we do it again, abd again, and again as almost a form of self punishment. Perhaps our jobs should be in health care or hospice. Again, I don't know. What I know is that we wait for others to tell us what to do. But nobody really does. They can't. They don't know us.

    Try helping someone in need. Maybe volunteer at the homeless shelter or elderly care. You love to read. Maybe you can read to those who can't anymore. I have dealt with anxiety for over 8 years. Extreme panic attacks would last for 6 hours at a time, twice and sometimes 3 times a day. The more I fough them the harder they were. What I have learned is that the more I concentred on my own 'poor' state of health the more symptoms I have experienced. However, when my mind was distracted by new situations, new people, new places, the symptoms would dissappear. You and others will get better. The key, paradoxically, is to take best of care of yourself while focusing on other things or people. It really works. Little by little. It will not change overnight but one of those night you may notice they are gone for good! Blessings

  • Did you take any antibiotics prior to things getting worse, by any chance? Some of them can cause many things, including dizziness, pain, vision troubles--with me it was Cipro, and just a short course, so I didn't put it together right away. Strange new symptoms show up almost every day, it seems. It also makes anxiety worse, and if you have anxiety anyway, you chalk it up to the usual anxiety. If you have taken one of these Fluoroquinolone antibiotics such as Cipro, you can find good advice for healing at floxiehope.com.

  • You are not unlovable. You are special and unique.

  • Thank you

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