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Feeling better

Hello guys

Thanks for the sympathy earlier.

My OH doesn't get it at all and just tells me I'm bringing it all on myself..I tell you all I do not want my heart to be stopping and fluttering and nearly clonking out on me so I don't know how I'm making it happen.

Anyway I'm really glad we have this site it's such a lifeline and I've made some great friends on here.


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That's really clever of you to be able to make your heart play silly buggers!!!!!

I understand totally how you feel, have a chill this evening. Tomorrow is a new day xxx


Hi winter

What can I say it's a special talent hahaha but yeah your right tomorrow is a new day and I'm off now until Monday so a wee lazy day no doubt ;-) xx


Yes Ashley ,agree with Winter , you are really clever been able to do that :D

Mind you I have been able to make mine do it to :-/

Love the clonking out bit :D

Come on here & tell us we no it can happen

Hope you have a relaxing evening & its a better day tomorrow :)





Hey whywhy.

My heart is a strange one lol, much like everyone's on here lol.



Right you and your heart are off to Britains got talent next year. If a dancing dog can win it. You and your dancing heart are a shoe in. Just remember us all when you're rich a famous :-p xx


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