So glad to be feeling better guys!!

Well I haven't posted on this in a long time thought I'd helpout my fellow anxiety sufferers. The meds have done me wonders as I am on week 6-7 right now . I am going out more and not having many panic attacks

Just telling everyone there is hope out there

Just follow your doctors advice and stop reading BS ONLINE PLEASE lol

The less negativity we have and more positivity we keep in our heads. The faster we can recover.

If any one has read my past posts, I was hopeless and just in a bad state. I'm glad I'm getting better slowly and hope to be back to myself very soon here.

Anyone can message me or comment for advice. I'll be glad to help anyone :).


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8 Replies

  • Sam001, so happy to hear this. It's like being given a new life when anxiety goes down. There is hope for everyone and it's always reassuring when it comes from someone who has gone through anxiety. I wish you continued success. Thanks for passing it on, it certainly helps others. x

  • Love this post Hun Great advise and me and you are proof you can get better , there is light at the end of the tunnel and there's no shame in asking for help medication and you have helped me Xx

  • That's so good to read Sam. I love how we can share the highs and lows 😊. I've only been on my meds a week but yesterday I had a day where I finally saw a little light at the end on that dark tunnel. Long way to go but your encouragement really help. Thanks

  • Yes exactly we just have to keep on going

  • Fab news x

  • Hi there Sam, what symptoms were you experiencing?

  • Hi sorry I haven't been on much. But I was having a panic attack almost everyday. Felt foggy. Disconnected from the world. Very light sensitive and sunlight sensitivity

  • That's awesome. Seeing a doc Wednesday about trying medicine. Can you tell me your symptoms u had. I have several if u read my post but the 24/7 dizziness lightheadedness is the worst.

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