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Good morning one and all :-/

I know its been a while since I was last on here but its not because of anything that anyone has said, it's because the wife and me have been taking advantage of the brill weather we've been having, taking day's out all over the place. I dread to think how I'm going to feel when the winter starts:( I'm sure I suffer with S.A.D.S but I'll take care of that when it comes. I have been feeling great for a while now I just wish it would rub off on you all so you could enjoy feeling good:).Well done QWERTYO on your place in college I wish you all the luck in the world (not that you need it ) and to the rest of you I hope you enjoy the rest of Sunday:D xxxxx

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Hi Kenny

This has put a smile on my face seeing your post , & I have missed you :)

But its good to see you have been out enjoying yourself :)

I like your attitude once the Winter starts you will deal with that then , its a bit like I say try & stop in the day , thats all you can deal with , i no its easier said than done ,I am on Wednesday in mine as I am dreading a hospital appointment , but I am trying the best I can :)

Hope you have a lovely day :)





Hello Kenny

Sounds like you've really made the most of the summer. :)

Weather not so good here today, reminded me that the dreaded winter isn't so far away. But I will try & take a leaf out of your book & put those thoughts aside for now.



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