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families are so annoying

my mum had a huge go at me the other day she was screaming and shouting at me cos i left the breadboard out cos i thought she needed it :( and my birthday presents were still downstairs as it was my birthday the day before and i hadn't got round to taking them up to my room ( i was tired i hadn't gone to bed till two! ) turns out she yelled at me cos she was angry at my bro who has been horrible to her my dad and sisters lately he gets on well with my other two bros but they live like four hours away so we don't see them that often my oldest bro (not my oldest sibling though lol) is in the navy so we only see him like once a year :( . and shes jealous of my aunt cos she has loads of money and keeps going on her hols whereas we cannot even afford to go camping anyways she took it out on me which wasn't fair as i am the only one who offers to help with housework even when she came up to my room to apologize she ended up having a go and the worst thing is i didn't fight my corner when i was younger it would have turned into a screaming match... which is still bad but better than sitting there and letting someone tear you up :(

my youngest older bro and sis are soo selfish last week my sister wanted me to go to tesco with her (she just passed her driving test) but i said no cos i had just got my period and was in pain she tried to bribe me with chocolate and when i didn't take it she flipped out on me going on about how i was so selfish and that i never go out which isn't true as the day before i had gone to monkey world and i walk my dogs every day and i had gone out with her a few times before :( my bro does the same type of thing when i don't do exactly what HE wants me to do he yells and calls me selfish and then my mum will always side with him even when its plain to see that he was in the wrong ...

when we were younger he would sutley wind me up till breaking point and when i finally let him feel my wrath he would just stand there smirking knowing that i was about to get into trouble the worst thing was that my dad knew and did nothing and my mum wouldn't believe me even tho it was happening right in front of her :( i remember one time (when we had chores) he had to sweep the kitchen and dining room and i had to hover the the rest of the house and when i had finished my mum told me to stop putting the hover away cos i had to hover the kitchen and dining room which as we all know was my brothers job turns out he "accidentally" dropped the sweeper in some paint and my mum didn't think it was fair that he should have to hover it so the b**** decided to make me do it. even now five years later i cry myself to sleep thinking about that among other things i hate it that i can turn my feelings of till i'm in bed and everyone else is asleep then no matter how hard i try not to i remember all the bad memories and really struggle to find any good memories :(

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I am sorry to see your family seem to be causing you so much stress & frustration , there is a saying , you can choose your friends , but you cant choose your family , I think they are very true words

Sibling's not getting on & one seeming the favorite is very common as well , I only had one sister & yet she was & still is the favorite & I no its not a very nice feeling & doesnt help your self esteem , but as you get older & build your own life , it does get easier

Have you ever thought about writing down how you feel & maybe when your Mum is in a good mood or doesnt seem stressed asking her if she could read it , or leaving it some where when she will see it to read

Sometimes as a parent , we dont always see how we are making our children feel , it doesnt mean you are loved less , but in the heat of the moment , this can & does happen

I hope you can try & get this resolved

Loving your profile pic of your dogs , i bet they make you feel happy :)





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