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Can I relax yet?

NO LOL I've done food shopping and instead of cooking I grabbed us all a maccies. OH got a job so be going about half eight but shud be back between 11 and 12 So I've got to feed my cats, Hoover up again as the my dog that's mostly white is really losing her fur. Then wash up and them I can relax in the bath for half hour.

I have been feeling abit anxious but I've carried on doing wat I had to do. I've even took my AD already. I never took it last nite but I won't tell anyone if u don't ;-) it's the only one ive missed in wks so it's ok. Anyway I'm going to shut up now xxx

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Never shut up Donna , wouldnt be the same on here if you did :)

You have been busy & well done keeping going though feeling a little anxious , you are a star :)

No the missing of the one tab doesnt count you are doing really well , I no that fear & dont worry I wont tell anyone either :D

Now please relax later & re charge those batteries , you will be running out of energy :-/





Brilliant to hear all the positives.... relax time for you. Hope your job went well. Onwards and upwards from now on for you. xx


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