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So I have had anxiety for a few years, at the beginning I couldn't leave the house for months but eventually I took a hold of the anxiety and changed my life slightly. I was able to leave the house, go to college, go to town and so many other things but it seems that when I have a break from College my anxiety worsens again. I am currently on summer break, it's been about 3 months of my summer break so far and my anxiety has sky rocketed again! I have trouble leaving the house just like I did way back in the beginning. I go back to college in 3 weeks. I'm scared I'm going to end up stuck like this. Does anyone have any tips on how to get out of this funk again? Why was I okay in College but as soon as I went on break it all came back again?


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  • What's did you do back then that helped you out ??? Also have you been diagnosed with anxiety it seems like your just over thinking about back then and your getting yourself anxious try keeping busy get a part time job also take some omega 3 B-12 and D3 they also have this pill called calm at GNC you should give that a try it all natural my ex girlfriend takes it and she says it helps a lot .. Wish you luck and if you can give me any tips on how you managed back then pls let me know .. I'm trying to go from Taking Buspar to natural meds it hasn't been easy I wish I knew more about this sooner I would have gone straight all natural .... Good luck and hope

    You feel better

  • Last time I just woke up one day and told myself I can't live like this anymore and then took steps to change it. Yes I have been diagnosed with Anxiety and yes I do overthink, that is all part of the Anxiety.

  • K I see just try the pills I named above before it should help you out ... GNC stores sale them all ... Wish you luck and hope and pray you feel better God Bless ..

  • I have posted many times on here about a book by Dr Claire Weekes on agrophobia and her treatment of it and I cannot recommend reading it more.. it literally has been a life saver for me.. 2 books I keep close and have done all my life are her book Self Help for your Nerves and Peace from Nervous Suffering.. if you get them you will recover without a doubt x

  • Hi , Sorry you're struggling again. I have a similar experience to you, I battled agoraphobia nearly two years ago when I had the breakdown. Its took some coming back from, I am now coming through it. I think its when we have too much time to think, when we have a routine and are busy, we don't have time to think. When we do , we do the what ifs....

    Be nice to yourself, you've done it before and you can again, you will be fine when you go back to college.

    K x

  • Dr Claire Weekes books were the turning point for me. I revisit them when needed, also 'The Buddah Brain' it explains very simply why our brains do this to us. Written by a neurologist, this fascinating book has simply exersises to do to change/reset our brains. Both can be bought cheaply, used books from Amazon.

  • Hi

    Make yourself leave the house. Literally. Make yourself do it

  • saying and doing are two different things

  • Have courage

  • saying and doing are two different things

  • Perhaps in college you were more focused.

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