Having good days

Hi friends, I've had a few good days so far. This morning I woke up with really achey neck feeling really tired and a bit sick. Trying to ignore it and just carry on with the day, but got this nagging voice trying to get me to dwell on things. So here I am talking to you guys because I'm not going to give in! Don't want to nap as I won't sleep tonight.. So I'm going to start cleaning to keep my mind off things. Hope you are all well today :) xx

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3 Replies

  • Hi

    Well its good news you have been feeling a lot better these last few days :)

    I wake up with a stiff neck many times , I like you try & brush it of & think I must have laid funny , which we do & as the day goes on it goes

    As for getting up & feeling tired , that is a regular feeling for me , but you are not running for the duvet , good for you staying positive & facing the day & telling the anxiety you are not going to listen

    I hope as the day goes on you feel better & might do something nice for yourself to :-)




  • Thanks whywhy, thinking of doing a spot of gardening later. Speak later on ... Hugs xx

  • Hi, so good to hear your days have been better recently.

    Loving the positive attitude.

    Off to do some gardening myself now - enjoy! :)


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