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Having good days

Hi friends, I've had a few good days so far. This morning I woke up with really achey neck feeling really tired and a bit sick. Trying to ignore it and just carry on with the day, but got this nagging voice trying to get me to dwell on things. So here I am talking to you guys because I'm not going to give in! Don't want to nap as I won't sleep tonight.. So I'm going to start cleaning to keep my mind off things. Hope you are all well today :) xx

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Well its good news you have been feeling a lot better these last few days :)

I wake up with a stiff neck many times , I like you try & brush it of & think I must have laid funny , which we do & as the day goes on it goes

As for getting up & feeling tired , that is a regular feeling for me , but you are not running for the duvet , good for you staying positive & facing the day & telling the anxiety you are not going to listen

I hope as the day goes on you feel better & might do something nice for yourself to :-)





Thanks whywhy, thinking of doing a spot of gardening later. Speak later on ... Hugs xx


Hi, so good to hear your days have been better recently.

Loving the positive attitude.

Off to do some gardening myself now - enjoy! :)



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