hyper and excited by going shopping :)

So as the title suggests I went shopping...

there was me and the three children, we went to three shops - even had a chat to someone we know who was going on holiday - and nothing was wrong, didn't worry about feeling sick, didn't feel sick and picked up everything we went out for...doesn't sound too exciting but I was euphoric when we got home - even a few whoops, woohoo


sam x


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  • Gd for u :-) u do feel so happy when u actually do something that normally u wouldn't and its even better when u really enjoy doing it and not just getting through doing it ! If u know wot I mean :-) take care x

  • thank you...it was something I used to do all the time - until the anxiety reared up again

  • Hi

    Yes that is a big thing

    Taking 3 kids shopping for one you have to be very brave :-/

    Then managing to get what you went for , be sociable & your fear keeping it at bay well all I can say is well done & I hope you feel really proud of what you did today




  • yeah I used to do it a lot, but my skin is thin at the mo and due to my youthful appearance and my oldest being 9 I cannot take any criticism if they get in peoples way...

  • Well done mate, it is a big step and you are very brave. With 3 children too. You deserve the cookie courage medal, so wear it with pride and mind out for the crumbs lol xxx lots of respect and best wishes xxx

  • yeah feeling pretty courageous - never noticed how hard it was before, I guess there is something good about the raised sense of awareness anxiety brings...

  • woo woo!! am determined to go shopping tomorrow or monday. need to get out xxxx

  • I know the feeling lol. I need to get out of this house, I'm bordering on OCD cleaning and that will not do xxx

  • yes it is great to get out, due to be really nice out on Monday - lets all go out

  • Hi

    Well done on your achievement going shopping with the children and managing to get what you went for. :) Some people do not manage that alone.

    Glad you managed to have a little chat while you were out not feeling anxious about being sick.

    This is a brilliant goal and you have every right to feel woohoo :)


    Love Seyi xxxx

  • thank you...been quiet today, have to go out tomorrow :)

  • Oh well done Sam. It feels good to achieve something doesn't it. Carry on trucking!

    Bev x

  • I'm going to need some new targets soon - best wait until school/nursery roll again :)

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