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hi all.went shopping todaywith my husband to a big shopping centre,felt fine,although I did link my husband going in cause the place was packed with people,we seperated then,and I went into a womans shop looking for clothes,tried on a few outfits,but I noticed after about half hour,I started to feel funny,sort of whoozy,when I was walking,it wasan't constant ,but would come in waves,anyhow I carried on,didn't panic,but it kept getting worse,until eventually I knew Id had enough and I needed to sit down,can anyone relate to this,could this be anxiety,even though I didn't panic,needless to say it took the good out of my day,sorry for ranting on,but I really wasan't anxious, I just felt weak..has this happened to anyone else.??


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  • Hey I can totally relate to this. Before xmas i tried to walk into a shop with my husband to buy just one item and I had to get out and go back to the car but we went again and I didn't let the fear of my anxiety get a grip and I made it around the shop and bought the item. Like you I had all the weird woozy feelings but if you ride the waves it passes. I can now make it into the town centre on my own and walk around a few shops. I think the trick is to take it slow and build up gradually. Don't be afraid of the waves just keep riding them love eve x

  • Hi love yes i can so relate to this i was in morrisons other day and it was packed god knows why they must have thought the snow was coming again and i was with my OH and fine then after doing my shop i started to feel weird a bit dizzy and as if i wasnt in there i felt as though i was floating hard to explain and when i was queing i felt it coming on it was like a tidle wave hitting me and just wanted to get out of there and said to my OH i have had enough i need to get out now its awful and a very weird feeling but we have to keep trying and not letting them get us where we are affraid to go anywhere my gp told me to face my fears easier said than done sometimes keep going we are all here together xxxx

  • Hi..this happened to me today..went for a walk on the beach with hubby for a couple of hours too..was fine..then all of a sudden felt woozy..this happened a couple of times..luckily we were actually walking back to the car at the time so i knew I could let them pass without any further episodes..was relieved to get in the car and sit down. Like the other posts says ride them..xxxx

  • hi i totally relate to your feelings i too started to fee llike this several months ago i was feeling light headed my hands and legs felt funny and i thought i was goin to faint if like me it is anxiety my doctor wanted to put me on anti depressants but as yet i have tried to decline i am waitng to see a councellor i have good days and bad days sometimes at home sometimes when i am out it is very upsetting but i keep trying to remind my self nothing is wrong can i ask have you also had chest pains with these symptoms

  • tnx for all your replies,I believe now it was anxiety,god its so annoying,and in answer to your question,Sukitot, no I didn't have chest pains,not even a racing heart,dats why I couldn't figure it out.but I guess anxiety comes in many forms.I just had the weak feeling, like I was going to fall on my face..hugs to you all.xx

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